Terms and Conditions

1. General points

1.1. A bet is an agreement regarding winning that is reached between the client and the betting company in accordance with the regulations; in this case, the result of the agreement depends on an event, the outcome of which is uncertain. Client bets are accepted in accordance with the betting company’s rules. 

1.2. The outcome of the event (or occurrences) on which the wager was made.

1.3. Clients are those who place bets with a bookmaker on an event’s outcome. 

1.4. The term “line” refers to a group of events, their potential outcomes, the chances associated with those outcomes, and the day and time at which the betting firm must stop taking bets on those outcomes.

1.5. Bet cancellation is an occurrence for which winnings are not calculated or paid out. According to the rules of the current Agreement, if a “bet cancellation” occurs, the organizer and the client’s transaction is deemed to have not yet been completed, and the bet will be refunded. 

1.6 The primary time of the game is how long it lasts in accordance with the competition rules for the specific sport, including any extra time the referee adds. Extra time, overtime, penalty shots, etc. are not included in the scheduled length of the game.

1.7 The information given by the information processing center is used to calculate all wagers. 

1.8. If all of the outcomes mentioned in a client’s wager on a certain event outcome are accurately anticipated, the wager is called a winner.

1.9. According to this Agreement, if there are any disagreements between the Client (the party to the agreement) and the betting company regarding the execution and implementation of the winning agreement they reached, including disagreements regarding the payment of winnings, the outcome of events, winning odds, disagreements regarding other crucial terms of the agreement, as well as disagreements regarding the recognition of the agreement as unexecuted or invalid.

2. Basic rules for accepting bets

2.1. The betting company has the right to limit the maximum bet, odds on individual events, as well as to limit or increase the maximum bet, odds to any particular customer without notice and explanation.

2.2 Acceptance of repeated bets on one outcome or combination of outcomes from one player may be limited by decision of the betting company.

2.3. In cases of incorrectly calculated bets (e.g. due to mistakenly entered results) such bets will be recalculated. In this case, bets placed between the incorrect calculation and recalculation will be deemed valid. In the case that the player’s balance is negative after recalculation, he will not be able to place any bets until he has replenished his account.

2.4. all sports events shall be considered postponed and cancelled only in the presence of data from official documents of the organizations conducting sports competitions, official websites of sports federations, websites of sports clubs and other sources of sports information, and on the basis of such data sports events specified in the line shall be corrected.

2.5. The bet shall be cancelled if the client knowingly misled the staff (betting company employees) by providing them with false information and claims regarding bet acceptance, payment of winnings, event results and other information and claims having such character. The aforementioned cases also apply to minors under the age of 18 and their parents.

3. Types of bets 

3.1 Single – a bet on a certain outcome of an event. The winning of a single bet shall be equal to the product of the stake sum by the odd established for the given outcome.

3.2.Express – a bet on several independent outcomes. The winning shall be equal to the product of the stake sum multiplied by the odds of all outcomes, included in the express. A loss for one outcome of a Parlay shall mean a loss for the whole Parlay.

4. The Website’s Use of Cookies

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5. Changing the terms and conditions

5.1 For a number of reasons, namely commercial, legal and customer service reasons, we have the right to make any changes to the Agreement. The current clauses of the Agreement and their effective dates are available on the website. It is the client’s personal responsibility to familiarise themselves with the current Agreement. The Company has the right to make changes to the website at any time and without informing Customers in advance.

5.2 If the Client does not agree with the amended paragraphs of the Agreement, he/she must stop using the Website. Further use of the Website after the amended paragraphs of the Agreement have entered into force shall be deemed to be full acceptance thereof, irrespective of whether the Client has received the relevant notification or has learned about the changes from the updated Agreement.

6. Opening an account 

6.1 In order to gain access to all the basic services of the Website, it is necessary to open an account. To do so, the Client may register “in 1 click” or provide his e-mail address and a password which will be used to access the game profile, and additionally, personal details such as name, telephone number and date of birth are required.