Brawl Pirates 1Win

Our entertainment platform 1win has a large variety of slots and gambling games, among which can be highlighted Brawl Pirates. In this game, the user must guess under which skull is the treasure, a total of 3 skulls on the table. Despite its simple gameplay, this game is quite interesting and has its own nuances and strategies.

1win Brawl Pirates review

Brawl Pirates is one of the easiest, yet very interesting and exciting games on our 1Win India entertainment platform. This game is able to brighten up the evenings and also gives you the opportunity to earn real money quickly and easily. This game has very nice visuals, beautiful graphics, and smooth animations that make the gameplay exciting and interesting. Also worth mentioning is the music, which allows you to plunge into a world of adventure and treasure hunters. Therefore, each user can feel like a real pirate and try the chance to get his treasure. Below is a table with the main description of the game:

Minimum bet1 Indian rupee
Maximum bet23000 Indian rupees
Demo modeYes

About the game Brawl Pirates

In this game, users can test their luck and find the treasure of pirates, thereby winning real money. Our game invites everyone to choose one of the three skulls and guess which one contains the treasure. If the user guesses correctly, he will be able to multiply the bet. More about the rules of the game is written below.

Rules of the online game Brawl Pirates

rules of game brawl pirates

On our platform 1Win anyone can master the game Brawl Pirates in a couple of minutes because the rules of the game are very simple, and to get into the game process can be from the first minute. The main task of the user is to guess what skull is the treasure. The table is located in 3 skulls, and the treasure is only under one. If the user guesses under which the skull is a treasure, he multiplies his bet. 

If the player does not guess, the bet is considered lost. The user can also make the game easier for themselves, to do this they need to select the mode of the two treasures. In this mode, the bet that the user can win reduces, but the user will be easier to guess where the treasure lies. After all, now under the two skulls will lie the treasure.

How to start playing Brawl Pirates?

In order for users to start playing Brawl Pirates, they need to complete the 1Win register process. The registration process at 1win is quite simple and does not take much time. To create a 1Win account, users need to follow these steps:


Step 1

Go to our official website 1win;


Step 2

Click the registration button;


Step 3

Next, the user must fill in all the data (name, date of birth, residential address, phone number, email, password);


Step 4

Choose a currency;


Step 5

Read and accept the terms and conditions;


Step 6

Confirm that you are over 18;


Step 7

Click on “Register”.

After all these actions the user needs to replenish the balance to start playing for real money. To do this, the user must click on the button “deposit” in the upper right corner, select the desired payment system and make a deposit. Next, the user must go to the casino section, then select “1win games”, after which all the games developed by our company will open. From this list, the user should choose Brawl Pirates.

Download the 1win Brawl Pirates app for Android

Our users can play Brawl Pirates also from their mobile devices, for this they need to say the 1win app on their smartphones. This can be done easily and easily and for Android devices only from the official website. In order to download the 1win app and play Brawl Pirates from a mobile device, the user must do the following:

  1. Go to our official website 1win;
  2. Swipe down to the bottom of the home page;
  3. Click on “Android App”, then the download will start;
  4. Confirm the download, if necessary;
  5. Open the settings of your smartphone, “security” section;
  6. Allow installing applications from unknown sources;
  7. Open the “downloads” folder;
  8. Press on the downloaded apk file;
  9. Press “Install”;
  10. After installation is completed, click “Finish”.

Next, the user needs to open the app and log in to their account, after which they can play Brawl Pirates from their smartphone.

Download the 1win Brawl Piratesapp for iOS

Users of iOS devices can also play Brawl Pirates from their devices. To do this, they also need to download the 1win ios app to their smartphone. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the App Store;
  2. Click on the search bar;
  3. Enter “1win”;
  4. Open the app page;
  5. Click “Get”.

Wait for the installation to complete, after which the app will be available on the app desktop.

Bonuses and promo codes for Brawl Pirates1Win

All users of our platform 1win can get various advantages that make the game even more interesting. For example, all new users can take advantage of this by entering the 1win promo code ( XXXXX ) when they sign up. New users can also get a Welcome bonus 1win, which helps to get 500% on the first four deposits. In addition, users can receive other bonuses, which can be found in the section “Bonuses and Promotions”.

bonuses brawl pirates

Deposit and withdrawal

payment methods brawl pirates

In order to play Brawl Pirates for real money, the user needs to make a 1win deposit, it is easy and simple to do by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to our official website;
  2. Login to your account;
  3. Press the “Deposit” button;
  4. Choose a payment system;
  5. Fill in the required info;
  6. Enter the desired amount
  7. Press the “Deposit” button;
  8. Finish the deposit.

It is worth noting that the deposit is credited very quickly after the payment. Therefore, users can immediately start playing for real money. Once the user has received his winnings, he needs to 1win withdraw them, this can also be done easily by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to our official website;
  2. Login to your account;
  3. Click on the icon on the profile;
  4. Select “Withdraw”;
  5. Choose the payment system;
  6. Fill in the necessary information;
  7. Enter amount;
  8. Click “Withdraw”;
  9. Finish your withdrawal.

The withdrawal time depends on the time of processing the request on our platform, as well as the time it takes the payment system to complete the transaction.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Brawl Pirates

Despite the simple gameplay, users can use different tactics and strategies in Brawl Pirates  1win. One of the most popular strategies is called “Multi-Picker”, where the user starts with the lowest bet on one skull and each time increases his bet until he wins. After winning begins everything in a circle.

tips brawl pirates

Brawl Pirates Prediction

Users can predict in advance which skull the treasure will be under. This is possible in the game mode, where the treasure is under two skulls. In this mode the user has to change the skull he chooses each round, the main thing in this type of game is to understand that if one skull is dropped more than twice, the next turn you have to choose another one.

1win Brawl Pirates Signals

It is not necessary to pay attention and find the signals on which the treasure depends. This game does not display any signals, so the user does not need to find signals where there are none. It is better for the user to play using those tactics that increase the percentage of winning rather than guaranteeing it.

Demo version 1win Brawl Pirates

Users who are not confident in their abilities can first practice in the demo version, which is available for free. The demo version is different in that the user does not spend money on bets, but also when winning also does not get anything. Such a mode is needed so that users could practice before they start playing for real money.

Since our 1win platform has a gaming license and does not violate any Indian regulations, all users can legally play Brawl Pirates both online and in the mobile app.


Can I play Brawl Pirates on my smartphone without the 1win app?

Yes, users can play the game on their smartphone using the mobile version of their browser.

Do I need to register a second account to play Brawl Pirates on my smartphone?

No, a user can use one account to play on the desktop version of the site and the mobile app.

What should I do if I have an error while playing Brawl Pirates?

If a user has an error, he should contact support.

What should I do if I lost my internet connection while playing Brawl Pirates?

The user should wait until the resumption of the Internet connection, then refresh the page, the progress should be saved.

Are Brawl Pirates supported on weak devices?

This game is undemanding, so it will run stably even on weak devices