1win Partners Affiliates Program

We are one of the biggest and most modern gambling providers. And our company is always looking for new partners and partnerships. And you can also become one with the 1Win online Affiliate Program! If you have an active audience that is interested in online gambling then you can promote our company on your platform! And that is how you will get a profit from your active audience which will play casino and place bets on our website. We will also provide you with different additional materials that you will need to use during the advertisement. So, if you are interested in a partnership with our company then this article is definitely for you!

What is the 1Win affiliate program?

Actually, 1Win Affiliate Program is a good opportunity for you to make additional money. You will just need to promote our company via your platforms with the audience. And here is the table with the main information about this program!

AudienceIf you have a popular account on any platform then our Affiliate Program is definitely for you! We work with partners from many platforms so you should definitely try!
PromotionAs was said, you will need to promote our gambling website and company. We will provide you with additional materials that you will need to use during the promotion!
PaymentsYou will get money as a commission for deposits of clients who came via you. The commission is also calculated on the total net profit of customers. You can also receive payments via the 1Win app. All the transactions are fast and you will get your money as fast as possible!

How can I register for the 1Win program?

And now let’s speak about another very important process of the Affiliate Program. It is about the registration process for the program. It is actually a pretty simple process!


Step 1

Firstly you will need to visit the “Affiliate Program” section on our website.


Step 2

After that, you will need to find the 1Win register button and click on it.


Step 3

There you will just need to enter your contact information or the information of your manager.


Step 4

After that our company will contact you and you will get all the necessary information!

You should also check your email because there you will find additional information about the program. You can also 1Win partners app download and register via it!

How to make money with 1Win?

With the 1Win Affiliate Program, you will be able to make money thanks to your audience. If your followers or fans will register on our website and make deposits then you will get a percentage of these deposits. You will also need to complete special tasks to get money. For example, to get your first payment you will need to attract 10 people and they will need to make deposits in total 5.790 INR. It is a weekly condition. And you will get a new one every Tuesday. If you will not complete this task then your money will be saved, but you will still need to complete the task to receive them!

Withdrawal of income

You will also need to withdraw your funds from the affiliate account. And you will have several options to make the 1Win withdrawal. Here is the table with the main payment option on our site!

Payment MethodInformation
Visa/MastercardYou can use simple credit and debit cards to receive your payments from the affiliate program. The most classical and simple way.
CryptocurrenciesYou can also use modern Cryptocurrencies if you want. It is the fastest way to receive your payments.
WebmoneyIt is one of the most popular electronic wallets that are also available for withdrawals of your income!

You will be able to use all these methods to make convenient and fast withdrawals of your payments. These transactions will not take a lot of time and you will be able to get your income almost rapidly!


Can I use my blog to promote your company?

Yes, of course! It is actually the main aim of the 1Win Affiliate Program. You can use your media resources to promote our website and recommend it to your audience. If your followers will register and make a deposit then you will receive money.

How many followers do I need to have to enter the Affiliate Program?

There is no certain amount for your audience but we will consider each partner 1Win individually.

Do you have an additional commission for withdrawals of income?

No, our company does not have any additional fees. It means that you will be able to withdraw all your funds without commissions!

How often will I receive new tasks?

Payments and new tasks are available every Tuesday. Every week 1Win partners receive new tasks and materials.